Low Coke Level FCC Catalyst DYC-LC
RFCC Catalyst DYC-01
High Activity RFCC Additive DYC-HAA
FCC Additive DYC-PA for More Light Olefin

In the early days on the establishment of R & D service center, which set new product development, scale-up, production and after-sales service, strong technical force, well-equipped analytical equipment and catalyst evaluation. Meanwhile in Heze University set up a "school-enterprise build laboratory", can be shared with the Heze College of large equipment.
Currently it has X- ray diffraction, N2- adsorption-desorption, laser particle size analyzer, catalyst abrasion tester, ICP- atomic emission spectrometry, atomic absorption spectroscopy, elemental analyzer, catalyst deactivation by hydrothermal aging device, microreactor activity test instrument, fixed fluidized bed and other large equipment.
Research centers and technical personnel from the catalytic cracking reaction mechanism, along the lines of "structure-oriented" theory, with a low coke Y zeolite catalytic material and special high active alumina fibrous material based on the use of high solids content of the catalyst preparation technique developed Innovative multi Friends catalyst --DYC FCC catalyst technology platform. It prepared using the catalyst of the technology platform not only improves the accessibility of the active site, but from the perspective of the reaction solution of the catalytic cracking process, coke rate of technical problems, but also has excellent resistance to heavy metal pollution ability. Research centers and technical personnel use the platform to develop a series of FCC catalysts.
In 2013, the center developed the "drop FCC catalyst coke" was included in the state's key new products, "new and efficient rare earth catalytic materials project" was included in 2013 in Shandong Province 100 key construction projects (ranked 20).
Therefore, the center has been named: Heze Rare Earth Catalytic Materials Engineering Technology Research Center, Heze, new material technology research and development services platform and the low coke Shandong Province FCC catalytic materials engineering and technology research center.
Major Products:
Low Coke Level FCC Catalyst DYC-LC
Tight oil FCC Catalyst DYC-SO
RFCC Catalyst DYC-01/11/12/15/17/18
FCC Catalyst DYC-02/21/23/25
High Gasoline Level FCC Catalyst DYC-03/31/33/35
High Diesel Oil Level FCC Catalyst DYC-05/51/52/53
Low Olefins of Gasoline Level FCC Catalyst DYC-LO
Low Coke Level FCC Additive DYC-LCA
Low Olefins of Gasoline Level FCC Additive DYC-LOA
Bottom Cracking FCC Additive DYC-HAA
Propylene-enhancing FCC Additive DYC-PA
Octane Number-enhancing FCC Additive DYC-OA



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