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FCC Additive DYC-PA for More Light Olefin

Increase light olefin FCC aid DYC-PA

FCC Additive DYC-PA for More Light Olefin

  The additive for more light olefin with shape-selective molecular sieve is applied to FCCU, and meanwhile, several FCC technologies for more propylene emerge such as domestic HCC, DCC, CPP, FDFCC, MIP-CGP, TMP, etc., as well as foreign PetroFCC, Maxofin, Superflex, SCC, HS-FCC, and so forth. The chemical basis for the reaction of such technologies is to produce propylene and other light olefin with shape-selective cracking of gasoline fraction. In order to meet the increasingly demand for light olefin in the market, Shandong Duo You Technology Co., LTD developed FCC additive DYC-PA with excellent performance for more propylene jointly with domestic scientific research institutions through research of active components and carriers in selection, modification, activation preparation technology and other aspects.
I. Physical and Chemical Properties

表1  DYC-PA轻烯烃助剂的质量指标
Table 1  Quality Index of DYC-PA

  Table 1 shows that the attrition index, apparent bulk density, particle size distribution and other physical properties of cracking additive DYC-PA for more light olefin remain the same with conventional FCC catalyst, completely sufficient for requirements of catalyst by normal operation of FCC unit.
II. FCC Performance Evaluation of ACE
  Take RFCC unit poiser as the main agent, mixed with 3.0wt% DYC-PA cracking additive for more olefin and imported propylene enhancing additive, as well as 3.0wt% domestic conventional gas additive, and conduct catalytic performance evaluation on ACE, and see Table 2 for evaluation results.

表2  DYC-PA助剂与同类助剂的固定流化床催化裂化反应评价结果
Table2  The Catalytic Performance Evaluation on ACE between DYC-PA and Other Similar Additives

* 原料油:20%VR+80%VGO
  Raw oil: 20%VR+80%VGO
(4) DYC-PA助剂具有适宜的裂化活性和优良的轻烯烃选择性,可以明显提高液化气和C3、C4轻烯烃产率。
  Table 2 shows that:
(1)Addition of DYC-PA additive basically has no influence on yield of dry gas, slurry oil and coke in the unit, neither on treatment capacity of the unit.
(2)DYC-PA additive is of comparatively high activity, with small adding proportion, low unit consumption and excellent cost performance.
(3)Addition of DYC-PA additive promotes octane number of catalytic gasoline, with little influence on olefin content of catalytic gasoline.
(4)DYC-PA has suitable cracking activity and excellent light olefin selectivity, greatly raising the yield of LPG as well as C3 and C4 light olefin.

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