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Heze Yuncheng: hundreds of billions to build pollution Chemical Industry Park

In recent years, Yuncheng based on the actual advantage, the coal chemical industry development as the top priority of the county's industrial economy, a high starting point, high standard construction Coal Industrial Park, according to "multi-generation, full-cycle, high-end grip "ideas, and actively develop recycling economy, energy saving and environmental protection in parallel out of a resource-saving way to promote the economic development of the park, the upgrading and growth of the chemical industry upgrading.

Recently, Shandong multi-national projects to support the Friends of technology companies, Heze City, the only province to allocate funds owned technology laboratory commenced. This marks not only their own national-level high-tech enterprises and high-tech applications to the various production processes of enterprises, but also began to assume the obligations of the national science and technology popularization, the entire Coal output of high-tech industrial park. It is understood that more Friends of technology companies mainly in Yuncheng Coal Chemical Industry Park, the discharge associated with industrial gas business as its main energy, is a novel by the National Science and Technology identified oil additives manufacturing enterprises.

 Friends of technology companies, general manager of Shandong more Shiwen in mind, the reason to invest in this business Yuncheng Coal Chemical Industry Park, is considering several parks Coal project has been put into operation here will be more convenient to invest and build factories in the production of business on be drawn, greatly reduce production operating costs, but also can solve the problem of these gas emissions coal enterprises.

Friends of the company more than other companies use the exhaust gas to produce oil additives, and the process does not produce waste, both within the enterprise to achieve zero emissions, but also through the pipeline to transport gas to other companies to use the park.

 Yuncheng Coal Chemical Industrial Park Management Committee, deputy director Zeng said that through the park on the downstream business linkage, the waste generated by industrial processes, waste gas, waste water fully utilized, not only protect our environment, but also to bring good returns, and promote the development of enterprises fission.

Because related degree between enterprises in the park, a number of upstream products or waste gas, waste, it is a downstream production of raw materials needed to attract a large number of enterprises located in the park gathering Baotuan development, and promote the entire chemical industry and the development of the park the upgrading.

 Yuncheng with official Tunzhen party secretary, Li Jun, director of the coal chemical project office: "Next, we will continue to adhere to the high-end gathering, eco-development direction of circulation, and constantly improve the industrial park layout, and vigorously promote the construction of major projects, highlighting the industry chain gather around the leading industrial advantages, focusing on the introduction of leading type, industry, supporting type, new strategic projects and improve the high-end, high quality and efficient project agglomeration level, and strive to build a high-end chemical parks, world-class, multi-billion industry, circular economy demonstration zone. "

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