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EU cooperation Tim Lu enterprise technology innovation ability

Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance jointly issued 2014 annual EU-China SME development funds of international cooperation projects approved list, a total of 112, all of the grants to support the project, the central government budget planning will spend 300 million yuan. Shandong total of 13 projects approved, a total of 33.5 million yuan subsidy eligible for free.

     CNOOC New Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong Yuncheng "oven exhaust gas recycling" project by the China Europe International projects 3 million yuan subsidy. 11th Economic Herald reporter visited CNOOC New Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong informed that the "coke oven exhaust gas recycling" project is CNOOC New Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong cooperation with Topsoe company, Topsoe's leading international methanation technology CNOOC gas & Power Group (the parent company of CNOOC Shandong New energy Co., Ltd.) cryogenic liquefaction technology with independent intellectual property rights, the two sides complement each other, the construction of coke oven gas to LNG (liquefied natural gas) new technology demonstration projects.

    "Yuncheng project investment has reached 1.05 billion yuan, is expected to take about seven years to achieve this profit back." The new general manager of CNOOC Energy Ltd. Yao Debin told the Herald reporter, coke oven gas production and LNG high energy efficiency, good market prospects, will promote the improvement of China's energy consumption structure, but the technology has yet to have a proven commercial application examples, state support to some extent, accelerate the development of this industry, but the equipment is running, sources of raw materials and other problems still need to be gradually resolved .

     When "Country Enterprises obvious shortcomings in terms of technological innovation and new energy industries, especially SMEs, to provide for the government to meet the market research channel." Yuncheng Technology Bureau Lv Fukui on the 11th to accept the Herald reporter said CNOOC Shandong new energy company's project to give Yuncheng all SMEs play a leading role in science and technology sector should be more to the enterprise, "lead bridge", the incumbent should be gradually begun to focus on their core technology culture from concept to action, establishing a modern enterprise system. Broken technical bottleneck

   "Coke oven gas to LNG is no proven industrial application examples are too many unknown factors in the process of industrialization." Yao Debin said the two sides focused on cooperation in the coke oven gas compression, purification and methanation sets of key technologies, cryogenic liquefied LNG production aspects collaborative research, coke oven gas to achieve industrial production of liquefied natural gas. We will address the coke oven gas to LNG methane synthesis and methanation catalyst technology bottlenecks through international cooperation, and gradually realize the localization of the methanation catalyst, formed with independent intellectual property rights of coke oven gas to LNG suite of core and key technology, coke oven gas to LNG The industrial production in the country and to promote the application.

    Yao Debin analysts say, mostly due to the natural gas market in the mainland, mostly coking plant in the mainland, close to the market, coke oven gas to take LNG transport costs will be substantially reduced, low coke oven gas prices, significantly lower than the existing natural gas wellhead price, Cost is mainly energy costs, so the production out of LNG in the price is also very competitive. On the policy side, state support energy conservation, encourage enterprises to coke oven gas utilization, to prohibit gas fields produced from natural gas build liquefied natural gas project, limiting the construction of gas liquefaction plant, reducing market competition. So broad use of coke oven gas production LNG market outlook.
   Data show that China is the world's coking coal output power, coke oven gas produced in the coking process annually about 150 billion cubic meters, most of the coke oven gas venting after treatment, only pollute the environment but also a waste of resources. LNG in the energy supply to 12 percent per year in clean resources have become scarce. LNG demand of nearly 16% annual growth rate, supply and demand from 2008, tensions began to emerge in contradiction continues today, the demand gap to reach 20 billion cubic meters per year. National Energy Board predicts that by 2020, domestic LNG demand gap, or will exceed 90 billion cubic meters.

    "The introduction of Topsoe's catalyst methanation technology and raw material costs of up to more than 2,000 yuan, the catalyst updated every four years." Yao Debin said, belongs to a win-win cooperation, progress more smoothly. CNOOC New Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong through the introduction, digestion, absorption, re-innovation, to solve the bottleneck of coke oven gas to LNG technology. Topsoe companies through cooperation, the use of production practices CNOOC New Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong, to further improve and refine their methanation technology.
   In addition, Yao Debin think, coke oven gas recovery coke oven gas utilization projects are new LNG technology demonstration project, the next step will be the formation of the core technology of coal and natural gas and related standards, technical innovation and improve the technical aspects of the coal gas and integrated innovation ability, and lay a solid foundation for China's engineering technology SNG technology industry, for our energy structure adjustment, improve energy efficiency plays an important role in efficient and clean. Build a technology leader in enterprise group

    "CNOOC New Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong break the technical bottlenecks need strong financial support, and most companies lack this advantage of the county, technological innovation into a bottleneck." Lv Fukui told the Herald reporter, the county finance the actual situation of insufficient investment in science and technology, Science and Technology Bureau for the like sectoral studies national industrial policy, science and technology plans to support around the direction of a positive declaration of national, provincial and municipal science and technology plans, strive for a higher support funds. Efforts to build a "business-oriented, market-oriented, a combination" of scientific and technological innovation system, effectively promoted the healthy and rapid development of Private Economy.

    Recently, Yuncheng Shandong Friends of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. more "low coke FCC Catalyst" project was approved Ministry of Finance for the 2014 SME Technology Innovation Project.
    "The biggest cost is manpower companies, technology companies must have the technical talent to do a pilot to cross the border." Friends of Science and Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Shandong more Shiwen mind is represented by a number of doctoral and master of the technical R & D team developed "low coke FCC catalyst "to solve the current problems the industry exists, the product last year through joint assessment Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, won the national key new product certificate.

    "Science and technology are primary productive forces, the company attaches great importance to innovation and development of new products, and focus on creating a learning team." Biological Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Shandong Shen Zhen Aihua Union told the Herald reporter, the company has been sold by the initial small-scale single casing processing, development to the present set of domestic sheep casing, hog casing production and export, re-export abroad processing, feed processing and re-export, and use of bio-waste to extract heparin casings, turning waste into bio-pharmaceutical high-tech enterprises.

    Data show Yuncheng billion invested in the construction of high-tech industrial projects up to 16, with a total investment of 11.467 billion yuan, of which nine projects saving environmental protection industry, new information technology industry projects a, bio-industry projects 2, high equipment manufacturing industry a new energy industry projects a new material industrial projects 2. Tech industrial output value of 35% annual growth rate. 3 years, Yuncheng total patent applications 989, the cumulative implementation of national, provincial and municipal various scientific and technological projects 31, is eligible for free funding 16.79 million yuan. SMEs lead the way

   Shandong Provincial Governor Guo Shuqing recently in Shandong private economic work conference stressed the need to strengthen public service platform construction, speed up the formation of a variety of functions with policy advice, training, financing guarantees, legal aid and other social service system, and to develop and improve credit policies to support private SMEs, to broaden direct financing channels for private enterprises, private enterprises to support more outstanding board, small board and the GEM market and overseas capital market to raise funds to develop private markets.

     "County enterprises are mostly developed from small workshops come mostly family businesses in technological innovation and corporate management need guidance," Lv Fukui analysts say that under the current situation, science and technology departments to boot three-pronged: First, the introduction of large enterprises to solve Technology problems, such as CNOOC projects; secondly, to help businesses docking a universities, research institutes, and transform an introduction of scientific research, the development of a new technology or a new product, the formation of a patent, develop a business of their own R & D team ; In addition, to encourage the traditional enterprise market-oriented science and technology upgrades.

     Lv Fukui said that fundamentally speaking, the problem faced by SMEs in low-end products are not high-tech, low value-added products or services, does not have the product pricing power and bargaining power in its industrial chain, unable to cope and pass all kinds of changes in upstream input costs and increase can not gain a competitive advantage and maintain market share, so the technology innovation and upgrading of SMEs must adhere to market-oriented guide, upgrade products to meet the market.

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