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Friends of technology Yuncheng more "low coke FCC Catalyst" project won the national project

Recently, the Ministry of Finance released the 2014 annual special funds for SME development SME Technology Innovation project approval notice, "low coke FCC Catalyst" project in Shandong Yuncheng much ltd, is approved the project.
SME Technology Innovation Project is sponsored by the Ministry of Science, focusing on the development direction in line with national industrial policy, the domestic SME greater innovation in manufacturing technology improvements, material substitution applications. Projects take unpaid subsidy scheme for project-related expenditures in research and development and technological innovation pilot stage to give the necessary assistance. Project to support SME in particular small and micro enterprises to enhance their ability to innovate, improve the innovation and development of the environment, promote business development and growth plays an important role in promoting.

Friends of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong much is a collection development, test, production, service as one of the high-tech industry, is "the low coke Shandong Province FCC catalytic materials engineering and technology research center" support unit. In Dr. Yu Xinyu core, 7 doctoral and master more than the composition of R & D team, from catalytic cracking reaction mechanism, "structure-oriented" thinking, to have a rich secondary pore structure of the catalytic low coke Y zeolite specialty materials and fibrous materials based on aluminum oxide with high activity, a high solids content of the catalyst preparation technology, research and development and production of "low coke FCC catalyst." This catalyst not only improves the accessibility of the active site, but from the perspective of the reaction solution of the catalytic cracking process of technical problems coke rate, with an open pore structure gradient distribution, special distribution of crystalline molecular sieve, anti-basic nitrogen and heavy metal pollution ability, a significant reduction in coke, light oil yield was significantly higher technical features. The product in 2013 through the joint assessment of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Quality Supervision, and won the national key new product certificate.
"Low FCC catalyst coke" was awarded the national project, technological strength and technological status marked more Friends of technology companies have entered the industry. Implementation of the project will further enhance scientific and technological innovation capability, enhance their core competitiveness, and promote respect Yuncheng high-tech industry development has played a positive role in promoting.

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