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Yuncheng multi Friends of technology: lower carbon content reduce carbon emissions

A seemingly insignificant company, but became the only one included in the domestic catalysts 2013 national key scientific and technological achievements into new product development, the manufacturer; not only in the city Dongming Petrochemical Group, Jade Spirit chemical catalysis system has been applied, but also by the Japan's second largest oil company Cosmo, the Iranian Oil Ministry six refineries recognition. Located in Yuncheng chemical circular economy industrial park in Shandong multi Friends Ltd., why in the oil, petrochemical and other chemical giants competition ranked number one on the same stage, dominate?

Miles, chairman Guo description: "We developed the DYC FCC catalyst technology platform, not only from the perspective of the reaction solution to the catalytic cracking process of technical problems coke rate, but also has excellent resistance to heavy metal pollution ability."

FCC technology is one of the first to master the 1960s means secondary processing of crude oil, after nearly five years of development and progress, already in the world, has become one of the core technology of the refining industry. In the catalytic cracking process, the feedstock under catalytic cracking catalyst into the target product of liquefied gas, gasoline and diesel, but also produce a by-product of dry gas, coke and oil slurry. At the same time, part of the feedstock oil sulfur, nitrogen compounds, together with the deposition of coke on the catalyst surface, into the regenerator after being burned along with coke, recycled flue gas, in addition to generate a lot of carbon dioxide, but also sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides generation.

Our existing FCCU about 200 sets of processing capacity of 200Mt / a, accounting for a 40 percent processing capacity, after the United States, ranking second in the world. About 80% of gasoline, 35% diesel and 40% of propylene, are produced in catalytic cracking unit. The party's 18 proposed the construction of "Beautiful China" goal, coupled with the winter season since 2012 in northern frequent fog and haze, government and civil society to upgrade the quality of oil is increasing.

Multi-friendly chief engineer Dr. Yu Xinyu Technology introduced to 1.2 million tons / year catalytic cracking unit, for example, coke rate decreased 1%, can be reduced by nearly 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. At the same time, if it is converted into gasoline and diesel and liquefied petroleum gas, refinery to increase more than 70 million yuan each year benefits; if converted into the slurry, every year there are more than 30 million yuan in revenue. In terms of economic efficiency, environmental pressures or from the viewpoint of the development of mature, low coke FCC catalyst products have become the urgent needs of the refining industry.

Currently, the company has an annual output of 15,000 tons FCC catalyst production line and a technology research and development and service center, has a number of well-known FCC catalytic material in the production of technical experts and senior management personnel.

2012, China's first multi-Friends of Science and Technology declared low coke FCC catalytic materials research focused on "low coke Shandong Province FCC catalytic materials engineering and technology research center" approved; Companies "new and efficient rare earth catalytic materials project" is listed the 2013 Shandong Province 100 key construction projects. In addition, the company has developed high solids content of the catalyst molding production technology has reached domestic leading level, not only the production capacity increased by 40%, to solve the problem of poor spherical catalyst, and a significant reduction in energy consumption and a significant reduction in production costs .

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